Beadwork Gallery
All works were created by current and former students who have participated in my workshops.
Workshop & Travel Schedule
Next scheduled Workshop is:

July 20, 2019
September 14, 2019
Bead Soup, Savage, MD

Welcome to my home away from home, the place I come to share my passion for French Beaded Flowers.  My name is Donna Dickt, and I have been working as a bead artist and instructor for 19 years. I started this site as a place where newcomers to the art of French Beaded Flowers can gather to meet creative beaded flower artists and to find inspiration in their works.  Please take a look around!

As you browse the galleries I hope you will be motivated to try your own hand at making beaded flowers.  Keep in mind that many of the artists who you will be seeing started out
as beginners.  You too could
be creating beautiful
works of art!

Welcome to Blooming